J. O. Coleman

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D. P. Scholnik
J. O. Coleman
Periodically Nonuniform Bandpass Sampling as a Tapped-Delay-Line Filtering Problem
In this paper we consider systems for demodulation/modulation which use periodically nonuniform sampling (of arbitrary order) of the bandpass signal to circumvent the carrier-frequency restrictions of uniform sampling. The design of a particular tapped-delay-line (demodulation) or piecewise-constant-impulse-response (modulation) equivalent filter determines both the actual implementation filters and system performance. The tap spacing of the former and the transition times of the latter are periodically nonuniform. Following a characterization of the equivalent filter response, the special case of second-order sampling is examined for insight into the choice of sampling offset. A set of example designs demonstrates that, while nonuniform sampling permits carrier frequencies not allowed with uniform sampling, the resulting system performance is limited by the choice of carrier frequency.
To be presented at the 1999 Int'l Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP '99), Phoenix, AZ, March 1999.
December 1998.