J. O. Coleman

Ping-Pong Sample Times on a Linear Array Halve the Nyquist Rate
Jeffrey O. Coleman
Staggering the sample times for alternate elements of a linear antenna array is shown to halve the usual Nyquist sample-rate bound of twice the one-sided signal bandwidth while preserving alias-free mapping between spectral components and plane waves in the far field. The approach can be used on transmit or receive and with lowpass or bandpass sampling, and it can involve analog up- or down-conversion between data conversion and the array. The usual element-spacing bound of half a wavelength at the upper RF band edge is replaced with a quarter-wavelength bound at the center of the Nyquist sampling band referred to RF, a reduction only for bandpass sampling.
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Presented to the 2004 IEEE Int'l Conf. on Speech, Acoustics, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2004), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 17--21, 2004.
June 2004.