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Dr. Jeffrey O. Coleman
ongoing research collaborations
in digital signal processing (DSP)
and array-antenna pattern synthesis

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IEEE Senior Member
Circuits and Systems Society
Signal Processing Society

Current Research
Second-order cone programming for filter and array-pattern optimization
High-performance digital filters with simple structures esp. multiplierless
High-performance digital-receiver structures

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Professional Employment
Nov 2013–retired
1997–2013 Naval Research Laboratory, Radar Division
Head, Code 5328, Signal Processing Theory & Methods Section
1992–1997 Michigan Technological University
assistant professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
taught undergrad comm, graduate probability, graduate digital comm.
highest ratings in department for graduate teaching
1985–1992 The Boeing Company
software engineer, B-2 bomber project
DSP at the High Technology Center
1978–1985 Naval Research Laboratory, Radar Division
Radar Analysis Branch
1975–1978 (several companies)
RF, analog, and digital circuit design for receivers and modems

1991Ph.D.University of Washington
3.96/4.0, 14 quarters of mathematics, mostly analysis, and a filter-optimization dissertation
1979MSEE with honorsJohns Hopkins University
4.0/4.0, coursework in signal processing and computer science, the latter nearly enough to major
1975SBEEMassachusetts Institute of Technology
4.74/5.0, course 6.1 with an emphasis on analog circuit design